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Web Resources on Cuba


Granma: Cuba's national newspaper: in 6 languages, including English

Radio Habana Cuba

Cuba vs Bloque: Cuba vs. the blockade


Cuban News Agency

About the Cuban Five


Free the Five - National Office

Free the Five - New York Office

Luis Posada Carriles

Wikipedia article

AfroCubaWeb article

Hands Off Assata

Hands off Assata coalition

Challenging the Travel Ban

The U.S. Government has been involed in a decades-long effort to prevent its citizens and residents from traveling to Cuba. One alleged reason is to prevent people from the U.S. from "trading with the enemy". The real reasons are to isolate Cuba polittically and economically, and to prevent people - progressives and activists especially - from seeing the reality of CUba, including its tremendous successes, for themselves.

Several organizations have been at the forefront of challenging this travel ban, including:

Venceremos Brigade : Organizes annual 2-week trips to Cuba since 1969

IFCO/Pastors for Peace : Organizes annual US-Cuba Friendshipment caravan

U.S.-Cuba Laor Exchange

Solidarity Movement in the U.S.

A partial list of other organizations doing solidarity work on Cuba

Hands off Venezuela & Cuba! : May 20 march in Washington, DC

International Action Center

National Network on Cuba

Great Books on Cuba

Ocean Press: Excellent source for progressive books on Cuba, Latin America, and more

Carries many of the Ocean Press books for U.S. market

CUBA: A Revolution in Motion, by Isaac Saney:
Highly recommended, readable primer on contemporary Cuba