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Oct. 18 leaflets

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Outdoor Assembly

Oct. 18 – 2:00pm

Union Square
New York City
Wear a Mask


Anti-Racist/ Anti-Fascist Assembly

Nov. 7 – 1:00pm

57th & Broadway
New York City
near Trump International Hotel

The outrageous Breonna Taylor verdict is another clear and egregious reminder that this country does not value Black lives or see them as deserving of protection. This as well as ICE's anti-woman atrocities against migrant detainees; anti-Asian attacks; constant racist police killings; and armed neo-fascist forces mobilizing around the country to support Trump if he refuses to leave office; a great crisis on the horizon of the November 3rd Elections.

The working class can't be silent.

How do we mobilize to shut down racism?

If you're against racism, come to the outdoor, socially distant October 18 Workers Assembly to Help Build A Movement for a General Strike/Shutdown Against Racism. Black Lives Cannot Wait!

It doesn't matter whether you're in a union, or if you have a job: 99% of us are part of the working class.

Something big is going on in the labor movement. Many have concluded that it's not enough for unions to merely put out statements denouncing police killings. More than 36 local, regional and national labor unions have declared that the labor movement must organize work stoppages and general strikes against racism and police terror. (www.laborforblacklives.org)

The time has come for a general strike/shutdown: in solidarity with Black Lives, the targets of police shootings and systematic oppression; with the migrant community, put into concentration camps by ICE or designated "excluded workers" who can be denied income support during the pandemic; and with Indigenous and Latinx communities who have been hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19.

It's time for a general strike against racism and to demand reparations for the descendants of enslaved Africans and Indigenous folks!

Fighting racism is a working class issue. Support for a new General Strike/Shut Down Against Racism movement must be built inside the labor movement -- but just as importantly, among those of us not in a union.

The fact is, most of the millions of people that have marched in the streets against racism are workers -- many with gig jobs, and many now unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The workers who have held work stoppages in recent months to protest unsafe conditions are in the forefront of the movement to bring back the general strike.

Especially now, when there is depression-level unemployment and the prospect of mass evictions around the corner, the general strike/shutdown must become a weapon in the struggle to defend all workers.

The world took notice when athletes withheld their labor after the police shooting of Jacob Blake. It reminded us that 99% of us are workers, and that we can move society with the power we have to withhold our labor.

It was only the threat of a teachers strike in March that forced the NYC mayor to close down the schools at the start of the pandemic. When the government failed to provide even frontline nurses with PPE, it was workers in hospitals, and at Amazon, Instacart, McDonald's and on farms who walked out, stopped working and shut down business as usual, and led society in confronting the COVID-19 epidemic. It was thousands of workers who took to the streets to protest white supremacy and racist police brutality. This is why we must organize and not stop until ALL Black people are free.


A Workers Assembly Against Racism has the potential to bring all the leaders from workers struggles together in one place. Come to the October 18 Workers Assembly and help make the general strike / shutdown more than an idea, but a reality.